Participant Registration

We strongly recommend that you read these Frequently Asked Questions before continuing as it should make your registration experience go smoother!

The 2024 Rankin Cancer Run will be our third virtual event! You can register as an individual or team in order to be able to solicit online donations and keep track of them. Feel free to make or seek donations and to run or walk any time in 2024 in support of our event!

Registration fees are $20 for an adult and $10 for a student (school teams=nursery, elementary, secondary or post secondary institutions) which includes a T-shirt in both cases. Toddlers are free. Anyone who collects a donation of $100.00 or more does not pay a registration fee.

You can register online by choosing one of the four options below or, if you would prefer, you can alternatively download and print out this registration form. (Please note that if you do register online you do not have to fill out a paper registration form.)

Important!! For online registrations you do not have to use an email address as your User ID (although you can if you wish)! For those who don't have email addresses, such as young children, we recommend that you simply use the participant's first and last name as the User ID (this should avoid the possibility of a duplicate ID already existing in the system). Please note that if you use "John Smith" to register that isn't the same as "JohnSmith" when you go to log back in (because of the missing space character).

Please note that by continuing with this online registration process you acknowledge and accept the following terms and conditions of registration: In consideration of Niagara's Cancer Care Run Foundation ("NCCR") o/a Rankin Cancer Run (for Niagara) accepting my entry, on behalf of myself and my heirs, I hereby release NCCR and all volunteers assisting in the walk/run from liability and waive any and all claims for all damages whatsoever, including claims for negligence, which I may have as a result of my participation in this walk/run. I acknowledge that I have read this release in its entirety, and that I understand and agree to be bound by its terms. I also consent to the use of my personal information contained in this entry form for the purpose of soliciting my participation in future Niagara Cancer Care events. I also consent to the use of my name, my walk/run results and awards, my category, and photos of me from the event in any form of promotional material for NCCR o/a Rankin Cancer Run.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Register this year by logging in with your 2023 run credentials

  • The system will welcome you back and take you through the steps of reactivating your account for this year's run. Your registration data from 2023 will automatically be retrieved and you can either accept it as is or modify it with any necessary changes. If you were a *team captain* you will be given the opportunity of reactivating your team (or creating a new one, joining a different team or participating as an individual). Just make sure that you use the Email Address/User ID and password you used in 2023!.

  • PLEASE NOTE: Returning participants who were on a team in 2023, and wish to join the same team this year, should not attempt to log in to register again until you confirm with your team captain that your team has already been reactivated for the current run year. Here's what will happen if you fail to do so: the system will recognize that you participated in 2023 but won't see any team associated with your Email Address/User ID this year. You will be allowed to register but as soon as the team captain subsequently reactivates the entire team, and your registration from 2023 along with it, a duplicate will be created and you will no longer be able to log in to your account! The process of the team captain reactivating your registration from 2023 does, initially, automatically place you on his/her team. However, to qualify to participate this year you need to log in personally and pay the registration fee or pledge to raise $100. Should you participate in the Rankin Cancer Run as a reactivated team member without personally logging in to pay the registration fee or pledging to raise $100 you will still be deemed to have agreed to the terms and conditions above.

  • Also, if you want to participate this year as an individual instead of as part of a team, or wish to join a different team, please make sure that the captain of the team you were on in 2023 removes you from the team before you log in this year. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

If you registered online in 2023 save time by logging in with that User ID and password!

2) Register this year as an individual

Register as an individual

3) Register this year as a team member

Register as a team member

4) Create a new team (including registering as a family team)

Create a new team